During the installation of ACR units and heat pumps the vacuum pump is the only tool left which needs a power outlet. Especially on roofs this is often hard to find. In addition to the well established wired pumps, ROTHENBERGER now offers battery driven vacuum pumps. They allow a runtime of up to 90 minutes without any external power supply (only with 8 Ah battery).

Choosen variant:ROAIRVAC R32 2.0 CL w./o. batt.+charger
Article number:1000003229
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  • CAS battery: Runtime of up to 90 minutes with 8 Ah battery
  • Vacuum-stable: Integrated magnetic valve keeps the vacuum even when the battery is empty
  • Compact: Lighter and stronger than comparable wired vacuum pumps

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ROAIRVAC R32 2.0 CL w./o. batt.+charger


ROAIRVAC R32 2.0 CL basic set ROBUCKET


ROAIRVAC R32 5.0 CL w./o. batt.+charger


ROAIRVAC R32 5.0 CL basic set ROBUCKET